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Schengen Visa Fees

While applying for a Schengen visa there is a non-refundable required visa charge every hopeful must pay.

The Schengen visa costs contrast dependent upon the sort of visa and age of the applicant and furthermore some extraordinary exceptions communicated underneath in the substance. The Schengen visa cost can be paid in the doled out office/global place of refuge by methods for cash, charge or Mastercard. Regardless, a couple of workplaces may not empower you to pay with charge card.

The Schengen visa application costs consolidate the visa costs payable at the looking at global place of refuge/division while applying.

Schengen Visa Category Fee in EUR Fee in USD*
Adult 60€ 70$
Child between 6-12 years of age 35€ 41$
Child younger than 6 years of age Free Free
Holders of diplomatic, official or service passports traveling for official purposes Free Free
Family member of a EU/EEA national Free Free
Pupils, students and accompanying teachers during a school trip Free Free
Researchers traveling to perform scientific research Free Free
Nationals from, Georgia, Kosovo, Russia, and Ukraine. 35€ 41$


* The proper visa charge in USD (US Dollar) is as indicated by the current swapping scale. It is obligated to change without notice.

Despite how these charges are static and unchangeable until the point that the moment that the Schengen people pick by and large completely, there are a couple of classes pardoned from paying this aggregate.

The visa costs may in like manner be put off for individuals developed 25 years or less in classes, get-togethers, sports, social or educational events, created by non-advantage affiliations. The decision will be advanced guard by case as demonstrated by the significance of the event.

Yet again, in case the visa is denied there is no markdown of the money paid.

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