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Schengen Area – The World’s Largest Visa Free Zone

Schengen Area, implies a zone where 26 European countries, invalidated their internal edges, for the free and unhindered advancement of people, in agreeableness with typical gauges for controlling outside edges and doing combating fault by strengthening the essential lawful structure and police support.

Schengen Area covers an extensive segment of the EU countries, beside the UK, Ireland and the countries that are planned bit of: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus. Regardless of the way that not people from the EU, countries like: Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein are in like manner part of the Schengen zone.

Schengen Area Countries

The 26 Schengen countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Starting at now, Schengen Area involves 26 section countries. These countries are arranged in Europe, from which:

22 people totally realize the Schengen Aquis,

Four of them – people from the EFTA, realize Schengen Aquis through Specific Agreements related to the Schengen Agreement.

Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein are relate people from the Schengen Area yet are not people from the EU.

Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City have opened their edges with, anyway are not people from the visa free zone.

The Azores, Madeira, and the Canary Islands are uncommon people from the EU and part of the Schengen Zone even that they are arranged outside the European terrain.

There are six more EU people, that have not joined Schengen zone: Ireland and United Kingdom – that still keep up select outs and Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus – that are required to and are hoping to join soon.

The outside edges of the Schengen Zone accomplish a partition of 50,000 km long, where 80% of it is included water and 20% of land. The district counts a few plane terminals and maritime ports, many land crossing centers, a zone of 4,312,099 million km2, and a people of 419,392,429 million occupants.

Note: Although most of the Schengen countries are in the European Union, you should not dumbfound the Schengen Area with the EU.


Visa Information for Schengen countries


A standout amongst the most extreme countries on earth by per capita GDP terms, Austria, has an area of 83,871km2, and is controlled by 8,712,137 inhabitants. The country assented to the Schengen course of action on 28 April 1995. In any case, it started its execution more than two years sometime later on 1 December 1997.

Austria is arranged in the central Europe, and is flanked by 8 countries, more than most of the other European countries. Its capital, Vienna, remains extraordinary compared to other European objectives for voyagers.

In 2017 alone, the Austrian worldwide places of refuge around the world got different 304,556 visa applications.


Belgium is one of the five first countries that agreed to the Schengen plan on 14 June 1985, and started its utilization on 26 March 1995. It is a little and thickly populated country, with a zone of 30,528km2 and different 11,358,379 occupants.

Arranged in Western Europe the country is delineated by France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. Its capital, Brussels, is the administrative focal point of the European Union, which is consistently insinuated as the EU’s capital city.

Different 231,437 voyagers from all around the world associated for a visa to Belgium in 2017.

Czech Republic

Rapidly known as Czechia, the country was built up as late as in 1993, with the quiet breaking down of Czechoslovakia. The central European country has a zone of 78,866km2 and is delineated by Germany toward the west, Austria toward the south, Slovakia toward the east and Poland toward the upper east.

It has a people of 10,610,947, 64.3% of which are Czechs while the rest are Slovaks, Moravians, Ukrainians and others. The country has a broad compensation from the movement business, with Prague recorded as the fifth most visited city arranged in the old terrain.

The Czech Republic agreed to the Schengen course of action on 16 April 2003 and started its execution years sometime later, on 21 December 2007.

A year prior, 623,255 untouchables requiring a visa, associated for one at the Czech government workplaces around the world.


Denmark is the southernmost country of the Scandinavian countries. It has an area of 43,094 km2 and is arranged in the south-west of Sweden and south of Norway. However, at the south it is delineated by Germany.

The Danish government assented to the Schengen course of action in 19 December 1996 and started its use on 25 March 2001. In any case, Denmark is by and by one of the six Schengen countries with reintroduced edge checks in view of the security situation in Europe and threats happening due to the steady essential discretionary improvements.

The Nordic country has a masses of 5,785,864 occupants who have a standout amongst the most astonishing lifestyles, in Europe, and in addition in the whole world too.

In 2017, it got 152,467 visa applications. Figures exhibit that Denmark has gotten 1 million more tourists in 2017, interestingly with 2014.


The northern European Republic of Estonia is flanked toward the west by the Baltic Sea, at the south by Latvia, around the north by the Gulf of Finland and toward the east by Lake Peipus and Russia. With a domain of 45,338 km2 and 1,312,442 tenants, it is one of Europe’s base swarmed countries. This flatland country in like manner contains 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea.

Reliably, the territorial domain of the present Estonia has been regulated by the Danish, the Swedish and starting late by the Soviet Union. Its organization agreed to the Schengen course of action on 16 April 2003 and started its execution on 21 December 2007.

In 2017, the country got 138,249 visa applications. Regardless, figures exhibit that 3.54 million nonnatives stayed medium-term in Estonia, 6.6% more than in the prior year.


Definitively known as the Republic of Finland, the Nordic country is flanked by Norway toward the north, Sweden toward the northwest, and Russia toward the east. It is famous for its enlightening system, and for being a standout amongst the most secure and most eco-obliging countries on earth. Its 5,503,132 occupants populate the most euphoric country on earth.

Finland has an area of 338,145 km2. It agreed to the Schengen course of action on 19 December 1996 and started its execution on 25 March 2001.

It remains a champion among the most visited Schengen countries, since a year prior alone it got 827,520 visa applications. Estimations show that out of around 3,1 million guests that entered Finland in 2017, 1,5 million of them were from the EU states.


The most visited country in Europe, France, isn’t about the Eiffel Tower. Known for its fine wine, sheer better than average assortment, inheritance goals and luxury skiing resorts, the country pulled in 85.7 million remote voyagers in 2013, the most raised number ever.

The 551,695km2 country borders eight European countries: Belgium and Luxembourg in the upper east, Germany and Switzerland in the east, Italy and Monaco in the southeast, and Andorra and Spain in the south and southwest.

It is home to 64,720,690 tenants, who can move transparently inside the Schengen Area, since the country is one of the five setting up countries of the Schengen Zone on 14 June 1985. The use of the comprehension in France started on 26 March 1995.


The place that is known for improvement and headway and the second most visited Schengen country, Germany, contains a zone of 357,386km2 and 16 constituent states. The most swarmed EU part is in like manner the European country that borders most extraordinary countries.

It is arranged in Western and Central Europe, with Denmark outlining toward the north, Poland and the Czech Republic toward the east. It has Austria toward the southeast, Switzerland toward the south-southwest, France, Luxembourg and Belgium deceive the west, and the Netherlands toward the northwest.

The German global ID is among the principle three most serious distinguishing pieces of proof on the planet, since its 81,914,672 inhabitants can visit 188 countries sans visa.

Germany is one of the five setting up countries of the Schengen understanding, set apart on 14 June 1985. It started its utilization year later on 26 March 1995.


The help of Western human advancement, Greece, is arranged at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Hellenic Republic is considered as the cause of vote based framework, western composition, historiography, political hypothesis, Olympic entertainments, et cetera.

Despite the truth the its edges have changed reliably, today Greece shares arrive borders with Albania toward the northwest, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria toward the north, and Turkey toward the upper east. Despite that Greece assented to the Schengen game plan on 6 November 1992 and started its execution on 1 January 2000, none of its neighbors has joined the area yet.

The country has a zone of 131,990 km2 and 11,183,716 occupants. Greece has an extraordinary social heritage, flawless island and shorelines, what makes it a most adored objective for a few voyagers.

In 2017, it got 1,029,564 visa applications from pioneers far and wide, what makes it the fifth Schengen country with most applications got.


Arranged in Central Europe, Hungary has a domain of 93,030 km2 and is home to 9,753,281 occupants. It shares arrive periphery with Slovakia toward the north, Ukraine toward the upper east, Austria toward the northwest, Romania toward the east, Serbia toward the south, Croatia toward the southwest, and Slovenia toward the west.

A high number of voyagers visit the country consistently. In 2017, it got 263,940 visa applications. With respect to the movement business, Hungary is one of the essential remedial the movement business objectives in Europe. In dental the movement business alone, it has an offer of 42% in Europe and 21% around the globe.

It assented to the Schengen course of action on 16 April 2003 and started its execution on 21 December 2007.


The Nordic island country is arranged in the North Atlantic and is volcanically and geologically powerful. It has a masses of 348,580, 66% of which stay in the capital of Reykjavik and the including locale. The country has a district of 103,000 km2.

Ecotourism and whale-seeing are among the best the movement business attractions in Iceland. In any case, in 2017, the country got 7,610 visa applications, least among each other state.

It beforehand assented to the Schengen course of action on 19 December 1996. It assented to a second course of action, which replaced the first, on 18 May 1999 after the joining of the comprehension into EU law with the Treaty of Amsterdam. Iceland finally started the utilization of the simultaneousness on 25 March 2001.


The sovereign state of the Italian Republic is arranged in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a district of 301,318 km2and is flanked by France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino, and Vatican City. With 59,429,938 inhabitants, it is the fourth most swarmed EU part.

Italy is the successor of what was known as the gigantic Roman Empire, that left behind a rich history and an impressive proportion of social attractions, what have affected Italy to wind up outstanding amongst other objectives in Europe. Italy is similarly the country that accommodated the world indisputably the most commended specialists, experts and polymaths as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Galileo and Machiavelli.

It started the execution of the Schengen admission to 26 October 1997 resulting to having stamped it as of now on 27 November 1990.

In 2017, it was the third Schengen state with most visa applications got (1,850,260).


The Republic of Latvia bestows edges to Estonia in the northern locale, Lithuania in the southern, at the east is Russia, and Belarus toward the southeast. The 64,589km2 country has a masses of 1,970,530 tenants.

Latvia is at present a person from the European Union, NATO, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, CBSS, the IMF, NB8, NIB, OECD, OSCE, and WTO. It agreed to the Schengen course of action on 16 April 2003, and started its execution on 21 December 2007, along these lines winding up some part of the European borderless area.

Its capital, Riga is known for its structure, multicultural inheritance, and the Old Town, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Riga was named the European Capital of Culture for 2014.


Domain of Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked German-talking microstate in Central Europe. It has a zone of only 160 km2 and 37,666 occupants, what makes it the fourth most diminutive European country.

Liechtenstein confers edges to Switzerland toward the west and south, and Austria toward the east and north. The country is in a general sense uneven, thus a beguiling winter sport objective.

It is the last country that joined the edge free Schengen region, after it assented to the course of action in 28 February 2008 and started its execution on 19 December 2011.


The 65,300km2 country is delineated by Latvia toward the north, Belarus toward the east and south, Poland toward the south, and Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) around the southwest. It has a people of 2,908,249 occupants, and uses euro as its money.

Lithuanian is a standout amongst the most settled vernaculars on earth today. In addition, close by Latvian, it is moreover one of only two living tongues in the Baltic piece of the Indo-European vernacular family.

Lithuania assented to the Schengen course of action on 16 April 2003 and started its use later on 21 December 2007.

In 2017, Lithuania got 413,966 visa applications, which is more than countries like Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, or Norway. There are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lithuania.


Luxembourg is a country of 2,586 km2 and has a masses of 575,747 occupants. It is one of the building up states of the Schengen understanding, which was set apart in 14 June 1985 in the town of Schengen in Luxembourg. Its capital, Luxembourg City, is one of the three expert capitals of the European Union.

Situated by its GDP, Luxembourg is the second most excessive country on earth. It has the most astonishing the least pay allowed by law in the EU while moreover being a standout amongst the most secure countries on earth.

The truism of the country is ‘mir wëllebleiwewatmirsinn’, which implies ‘we have to remain what we are’.


The Southern European island country includes an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, with a locale of 316 km2 and a people of 429,362 occupants.

Disregarding its little locale, the country got different 37,881 visa applications is 2017. In the movement business terms, it is for the most part known for its sun, sea and shorelines. A bit of its most beguiling objectives for voyagers are in like manner old contemplates as the 5,000 years old Hagar Qim or the 4,000 years old Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.

Malta assented to the Arrangement on 16 April 2003 and started its use on 21 December 2007.


Generally known for the splendid tulips, different windmills and delightful cheddar, the Netherlands involves twelve locales. The country edges Germany toward the east, Belgium toward the south, and the North Sea toward the northwest. It has a zone of 41,526 km2 and 16,987,330 occupants.

It is a setting up individual from the EU, Eurozone, G10, NATO, OECD, and WTO. Additionally, it is one of the five setting up states of the Schengen understanding, set apart on 14 June 1985.

The greatest port in Europe and world’s greatest port outside Asia, the Port of Rotterdam, is arranged in the Netherlands. This Western European country has the most hoisted English-capacity on earth and it is the world’s second most noteworthy mix exporter, after Mexico.


The place that is known for the midnight sun, Norway, has a region of 385,155 km2. It has a people of 5,254,694 inhabitants known as Norwegians. It is encircled by Finland and Russia toward the upper east, and the Skagerrak strait toward the south, with Denmark on the contrary side.

The country pulls in visitors mostly by virtue of its amazing fjords and its Viking inheritance. In 2017, the Norwegian government workplaces around the world got 196,082 visa applications.

Norway agreed to the Schengen course of action on 19 December 1996. A second understanding, which superseded the first, was set apart on 18 May 1999 after the joining of the assention into EU law with the Treaty of Amsterdam. Norway started the utilization of the admission to 25 March 2001.

It is known as the place that is known for the midnight sun in light of the way that particular domains of the country get 24 hours of sunshine for part of the pre-summer.


Poland is an EU country arranged in the Central Europe. It is isolated in 16 administrative subdivisions and has a locale of 312,683 km2. Home to 38,224,410 inhabitants, the country shares edge land with Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Belarus.

Its most outstanding and visited urban regions are Warsaw, the medieval town of Malbork, Lublin, Torun, Krakow and Poznan. Poland is moreover known for the Tatra National Park and the Bialowieza Forest. Figures exhibit that a huge bit of visitors are from Germany, trailed by Britons and Russians.

In 2017, Poland got 823,101 visa applications, what makes it the seventh country with most applications got. The country assented to the plan on 16 April 2003 and started its execution in the late 2007.


The westernmost European country, Portugal, shares borderland just with Spain, around the north and east. It has a district of 92,391 km2 and 10,371,627 tenants.

It is the most settled state on the Iberian Peninsula and a standout amongst the most prepared in Europe. Known for football, wonderful shorelines and important goals, the country makes sense of how to advance various visitors all through the whole year. Most visited Portuguese spots are the capital of Lisbon, the subtropical island of Madeira, the second greatest city – Porto, the small calculating town of Ericeira, and Óbidos – which is known for its various medieval houses.

Portugal agreed to the Schengen game plan close by with its singular neighbor Spain, on 25 June 1991 and started its use on 26 March 1995.



A landlocked country in Central Europe, Slovakia has a locale of 49,037km2. Its 5,444,218 inhabitants are known as Slovak who talk the Slovak vernacular. The country bestows borders in the north to Poland, Ukraine toward the east, the Czech Republic toward the west, Hungary toward the south, and Austria toward the southwest.

Slovakia transformed into a free country after the serene deterioration of Czechoslovakia on 1 January 1993. Following ten years, on 16 April 2003 it agreed to the Schengen game plan. On 21 December 2007, it started the execution of this convention.

Slovakia has world’s most vital number of castles and chateaux per capita. The Spiš Castle, which is a bit of the UNESCO List of World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage, is a champion among the most acclaimed.


Slovenia has a locale of 20,273 km2 and a people of 2,077,862. It is flanked by Italy toward the west, Austria toward the north, Hungary toward the upper east, Croatia toward the southeast,

After Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Malta, Slovenia is the smallest Schengen state. The country joined the Schengen Area on 16 April 2003, and started the full utilization of the convention four years afterward on 21 December 2007.

Slovenia is known for the excellent Lake Bled, the Postojna Cave, Triglav National Park and its various castles. In 2017, Slovenian worldwide places of refuge and offices around the world got 29,257 visa applications.


Spain has a district of 510,000 km2 and offers arrive edges in the north and upper east with France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and toward the west and northwest with Portugal. It is the second greatest country in the EU alliance with a masses of 46,347,576 tenants.

The Spanish urban regions, Madrid and Barcelona, are a segment of the urban networks that engage most outside visitors in Europe. Bullfights, La Tomatina festivity and Ibiza’s Parties are among the best-known and gone to events in Spain.

Spain assented to the course of action adjacent with Portugal, on 25 June 1991 and them two started its execution on 26 March 1995.


Sweden is a Scandinavian country arranged in Northern Europe. It has a domain of 449,964 km2 and offers arrive borders with Norway and Finland. The country partners with Denmark by a platform tunnel over the Öresund, a strait at the Swedish-Danish periphery. Its 9,837,533 tenants are known as Swedish or Swedes.

Sweden agreed to the course of action in 09 December 1996 and started executing it later on 25 March 2001.

In 2017, Swedish worldwide places of refuge around the world got and arranged 248,347 visa applications.


The non-EU country, Switzerland, ended up being a bit of the Schengen domain after it assented to the plan on 26 October 2004 and started its utilization on 12 December 2008.

The country is landlocked between Italy toward the south, France toward the west, Germany toward the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein toward the east. It has a zone of 41,285 km and four national tongues: French, German, Italian and Romansh.

Switzerland has a champion among the most momentous European economies and its 8,401,739 occupants have a standout amongst the most astonishing desires for regular solaces on the planet.

In 2017, Switzerland got 517,010 visa applications. This makes it the tenth Schengen state with most applications got, paying little respect to having a humbler area than by far most of the other part states.

The Essential Features of The Schengen Zone

The invalidation of edges between European countries has come to fruition with:

Nationals of any world country, when in the Schengen Area, to liberally cross within edges of the state people, free from periphery checks

Shared benchmarks for convergence the external edges

Mixed segment and short-stay visa conditions for all state people

Improved composed exertion between the police of part countries

Favored lawful facilitated exertion between people, including a speedier expulsion of punks, and less requesting development for execution of criminal choices

An advanced shared database, helping part countries to quickly exchange information about people and stock between them, known as SIS

Despite the level of the open door guaranteed by the Schengen Area, the police acknowledges the master to finish checks at internal edges and in periphery zones, specifically conditions, anyway this isn’t seen as a periphery check. The police can require information from people at internal edges about the stay in Schenghen Zone and additional related request

In case lacking to have an aggregate internal security as a result of a honest to goodness chance, a section country can unexpectedly reintroduce periphery checks at its inside edges, anyway for not more than 30 days

The Criteria to Become a Schengen Member Country

Various European countries have the affirmation to be part or to join the Schengen Area, yet not all fundamentally can do this in a brief instant. This for the route that there are some pre-conditions or criteria that countries willing to join must have the point of confinement, or, need advance game plan, to oversee, for instance,

To be fit, that to support other part countries, to control the outside edges of the Area and furthermore to issue Uniform Schengen Visas

To have the aptitude that after the abolishment of edge controls between part states, to capably collaborate with other part countries’ law usage associations for a more conspicuous level of security

To be set up in applying “Schengen Acquis” or guidelines for controlling zone, sea and air edges, issuing short-stay visas, police composed exertion and what’s more insurance of individual data

To be set up to join and put being utilized the Schengen Information System (SIS)

*Note: Before joining the visa free Area, the candidate country is slanted to a Schengen Evaluation. Thusly, a section country encounters a periodical evaluation to ensure the appropriate use of Schengen Acquis.

Which Are the Non-Schengen Countries in Europe?

The European countries that are not part of the Schengen zone are: Albania, Andora, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, The United Kingdom and Vatican City.

As a rule Asked Questions

Is UK part of the Schengen Area?

No. Joined Kingdom isn’t a bit of the Schengen zone and along these lines you are not allowed to enter the UK with a Schengen visa.

UK occupants may need to apply for Schengen visa if they have to go from the UK to various countries in the EU.

What is the Schengen Borders Agreement?

The Schengen Borders Agreement stipends people to travel wholeheartedly inside the district, if the voyager for the most part possesses all the necessary qualities to enter the Schengen Zone, by convergence an authority outside periphery in the midst of typical significant lots of movement and getting an entry stamp in the visa.

Am I prepared to go inside the Schengen Area with the residency permit?

The residency permit is empowers you to energetically go all through the whole Schengen Area, with no additional chronicles required. The residency permit is ventured in your worldwide ID. In any case, you have to exhort the authorities if you intend to make trips all through the Schengen space.

Would I have the capacity to wander out to more than one section country with the comparable Schengen visa?

For sure, when you are issued the visa you can go inside the Schengen Zone as long as you don’t outperform the time length surrendered your visa.

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